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MSc Nutritional Medicine

University of Surrey
Surrey, England, UK
Courses in UKCourses in England24-60mths part-time

Why Surrey?
On our MSc Nutritional Medicine, you’ll gain a deep evidence-based understanding of the complex relationships between nutrition and diseases. You’ll learn to take a critical and scholarly approach to theory, practice, literature and research findings, resulting in a greater understanding of the range and potential of the nutritional management of disease.

Programme overview
The two compulsory modules — Principles of Nutritional Science and Principles of Applied Nutrition and Epidemiology — have been planned to give an excellent foundation in nutritional science and applied nutrition that will benefit participants in their understanding of the other modules.

The remaining ten modules range broadly over the interface between nutrition and health, covering diseases widely recognised to have a nutritional component and those, such as mental illness, where such a link is less well-known.

Some modules address stages of life such as pregnancy and old age while others concentrate on classes of nutrients important to health. The gut, being the means whereby we receive our nutrients, has a module to itself. Nutrition in the hospital setting is covered in Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Support. A research module is required for the MSc (except with special permission).

Compulsory modules:

– Principles of Nutritional Science
– Principles of Applied Nutrition and Epidemiology

Optional modules:

– Antioxidants, Phytoprotectants and Disease
– Obesity, Diabetes and Eating Disorders
– Diet, the Gut, Food Allergy and Intolerance
– Nutritional Aspects of Pregnancy, Infancy and Childhood
– Nutrition and Ageing
– Lipids and Essential Fatty Acids
– Dietary Minerals in Health and Disease
– Clinical Nutrition and Nutritional Support
– Nutrition and Exercise for Health and Sports Performance
– The Brain and Nervous System; Diet and Behaviour

Entry requirements
Medical graduates and those with a minimum of a 2.1 honours degree in appropriate bioscience or health disciplines.

You will take up to three modules as standalone courses before registering retrospectively for the MSc and counting the accumulated credits towards your degree.

How to apply
For more information on the course and how to apply please visit the course website.

General enquiries:
+44 (0)1483 681 681

Admissions enquiries:
+44 (0)1483 682 222

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