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MSc Island Biodiversity and Conservation

Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studies
Jersey, Channel Island, UK
Courses in UK1 year full-time

The Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studies (JICAS) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with the University of Exeter to offer a Postgraduate Masters Programme in Island Biodiversity and Conservation. The programme has been designed and is being delivered by JICAS in Jersey from September 2019, with support from Exeter as the accrediting institution.

This exciting new partnership reflects the shared values of the two institutions, of international excellence in research, teaching and learning as the cornerstones by which we will rise to meet the challenges facing our world in the 21st century.

It is also recognition that Jersey is ideally placed to lead the way in meeting those challenges facing islands and island communities in particular, perhaps the most pressing of which is the conservation of the intrinsic biodiversity of islands themselves.

Who is this programme for?
This degree is designed to meet the needs of conservation practitioners specialising in islands, students who wish to remain in academia and government officials of island nations.

This programme offers substantial fieldwork opportunities and self directed research.

Dissertation options may be offered in a number of islands, including Hawaii, Bermuda, Greece, Jersey, Scottish Highlands and many more.

Island Studies
JICAS aims to create a suite of niche Postgraduate degrees focusing on Islands and Island Studies. We recognise that Jersey is ideally placed to lead the way in meeting the challenges facing our world in the 21st century and through cross-discipline research, teaching and learning, JICAS aims to create the next generation of global thinkers and practictioners. This, then, is where we begin!

Why Islands?
Islands provide some of the planet’s most spectacular examples of biodiversity, making them important repositories of unique species. Yet there are probably more endangered species and habitats per capita in Small Island States and territories than anywhere else in the world. Species living on islands are more vulnerable to extinction, largely because of the impact of introduced species.

Islands, especially isolated oceanic islands, have evolved in isolation for millions of years, and their animals and plants have had to compete with only a limited range of species. For this reason they provide a ready home for many species of exotic animals and plants, and their flora and fauna is especially vulnerable to extinction after the arrival of man and the exotic animals and plants that always accompany him to those islands.

JICAS is an independent, non-profit institution that promotes Jersey as an international focal point for research relating to islands and Island Studies. Their vision is that this first Masters programme is an embryonic University of Jersey, not only bringing the cultural and economic benefits of a university to Jersey, but also exporting knowledge and expertise around the world. We believe that, in this new partnership with the University of Exeter, Jersey is set to become the key global academic hub, not just in biodiversity and conservation but in all aspects of islands and island life.

How to apply
Applications are now open for this exciting new masters.

Apply asap to avoid disappointment.

For further information and how to apply please visit the programme website at www.jicas.ac.je

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