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MSc Brain and Mind Sciences

University College London
London, England, UK and Paris, France
Courses in UKCourses in England2 years full-time

Course description
This international programme is offered by three of Europe’s most prestigious centres of research and teaching in cognitive studies and neuroscience: UCL, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, and Ecole Normale Supérieure. Students design an individualised programme of study, exploring multidisciplinary perspectives.

Students develop an understanding of the cognitive sciences and neurosciences, and how mechanisms operating at the molecular, cell, network and system level affect normal brain function. They gain a working knowledge of modern methods for scientific and clinical investigation of the human nervous system, along with exposure to leading-edge research.

Programme starts
September 2019

Why study this degree at UCL?
Students on this programme benefit not only from the high-quality teaching and training available through the UCL Institute of Neurology, but also through our partners in Paris.

The programme is two years in length, with the first year spent in London and the second in Paris. Students will undertake two distinct research projects.

Core modules

– Library Project (30 credits)
– Research Project (60 credits)

Optional modules
Students choose up to six modules from the following degrees:

– Clinical Neuroscience MSc
– Neuroscience MSc
– Language Sciences (with specialisation in Neuroscience and Communication) MSc
– Language Sciences (with specialisation in Linguistics with Neuroscience) MSc
– Philosophy MA
– Neuromuscular Diseases MSc
– Cognitive and Decision Sciences MSc
– Cognitive Neuroscience MSc
– Stroke Medicine MSc
– Advanced Neuroimaging MSc
– Dementia: Causes, Treatments and Research (Neuroscience) MSc
– Translational Neurology MRes

All students undertake a library project which is assessed by a 5,000-word essay, and a laboratory research project which culminates in a 10,000-word dissertation and oral examination.

For more information on course content please visit the programme website.

How to apply
Students are advised to apply as early as possible due to competition for places. Those applying for scholarship funding (particularly overseas applicants) should take note of application deadlines.

Who can apply?
The programme is suitable for students who will benefit from a personalised programme of study and research in the neurosciences and cognitive science disciplines relevant to a career in brain and mind sciences. All students will be rigorously selected on the basis of academic excellence and academic recommendation.

For more information see our Applications page.

What are we looking for?
When we assess your application we would like to learn:

– why you want to study a two-year, two-centre Master’s programme
– what you think the strengths of a “pick and mix” curriculum are
– how you think your previous academic and/or research experience might help you meet the demands of the programme
– what languages you speak, and to what level
– whether or not you want to do a PhD, or other professional scientific or clinical training when you complete the programme

Together with essential academic requirements, the personal statement is your opportunity to illustrate whether your reasons for applying to this programme match what the programme will deliver.

Contact information
Matteo Fumagalli, Programme Administrator
+44 (0)20 344 84109

Dr Caroline Selai, Programme Co-Director

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