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Data Science, Technology & Innovation (Online Learning)

University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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Course description
Data Science, Technology and Innovation is a University-wide online learning postgraduate programme. Demand is growing for high value data specialists with high level skills to turn stockpiles of information into knowledge for better decision making.

Hosted by the College of Science and Engineering, Data Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) is a flexible, modular, part-time, online programme designed to fully equip tomorrow’s data professionals, offering different entry points into the world of data science – with courses available across the University of Edinburgh in the sciences, medicine, arts and humanities.

All of our programmes are delivered on a part-time intermittent basis giving students extra flexibility, enabling data professionals or those interested in transitioning their career in many industries and academia to up-skill in specific data science areas and study while they work.

Applications are now being accepted for the following suite of programmes for September 2019:

– MSc in Data Science, Technology and Innovation (6 years)*
– MSc in Data Science, Technology and Innovation with Specialism in Medical Informatics (6 years)*
– PG Diploma in Data Science, Technology and Innovation (4 years)*
– PG Certificate in Data Science, Technology and Innovation (2 years)*

*It is possible to complete the programme within a shorter time period.

Our modular courses are also offered as single courses with multiple start dates throughout the year. Enhance your career by taking up to 50 credits as Postgraduate Professional Development (PPD) in Data Science, Technology and Innovation (up to 2 years).

Educational aims
This programme aims to educate a new generation of interdisciplinary data scientists, technologists and innovators. Students will develop a strong knowledge foundation of specific disciplines as well as direction in technology, concentrating on the practical application of data research in the real world.

This programme aims to:

– Fulfil the knowledge and research training needs of those wishing to become part of the community of data science researchers.
– Develop an awareness of applications and implications of data intensive applications.
– Develop the ability to think critically and creatively about governance and ethics and other social issues, and their interaction with technologies.
– Develop research skills in qualitative and quantitative disciplines.

Data Science
Enhance your career in data science with flexible online study. Demand is growing for high value data specialists across the sciences, medicine, arts and humanities. The aim of this unique modular online learning programme is to enhance existing career paths with an additional dimension in data science.

Access to large amounts of computational data and to the technologies we need to understand it, are opening up new ways of approaching research, innovation and education. A turn toward data as a basis for new kinds of research is under way across all areas of academia and industry.

Why enrol in this programme?
This online learning programme in Data Science, Technology and Innovation is intended to allow different points of entry into the world of data science across the sciences, medicine, arts and humanities. Drawing on cutting-edge educational content from a broad range of contributing disciplines, this programme provides a deeper knowledge through domain experience as well as through instruction in technology, concentrating on active uses of data research.

With links across the University of Edinburgh, including research centres and institutes, students have access to a high profile, innovative data environment with credibility for large-scale external investment in this emerging cross-disciplinary theme.

Prospective students will be offered a free choice of modular courses within a simple structure that clearly identifies the prerequisite skills and consequent learning outcomes (that, if obtained, lead with clarity to corresponding qualifications). Our modular online framework means that working professionals can pursue professional development in a variety of forms while continuing to fulfil professional commitments.

This flexible part-time online learning programme is delivered using a combination of online tutorials, multimedia interactive learning materials, peer-to-peer discussion and independent study. There is no requirement for students to travel to Edinburgh.

Please visit the programme page for further details.

How to apply
Apply via the University’s online application system – EUCLID.

Applications are submitted through the University’s online application system EUCLID and we cannot make an offer of a place without a fully completed application. You do not have to complete the application in one session – you can save your progress and return to complete the form later. When uploading documents, please keep file sizes small to improve processing time and name all files appropriately. For example: Transcript, Reference 1, English Language Certificate.

For more information please visit the ‘how to apply‘ page.

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